Friday, December 27, 2013

Time Management

"26 Time Management Hacks I Wish I'd Known At 20"

Is Everything what it seems?

Is the every day life as we know it is what really happening? Or we really need to know a bit more of what is going on. Are we part of the new version of human or we are already in the future of our lives? So many questions left unanswered. But we don't really have time to asked if it is really necessary. Our lives rotates like the very Earth we lives in. We wake up in the morning had breakfast. Ready for work, drives or commute to work at work we do our part to the company. When finish ready to go home. Talk or get ready for dinner play with kids or have some time with family watch TV and ready for bed again. And it goes on and on everyday.

We all want what is best in life or we try to ease the pain we have in body and mind. Understanding our life is so complicated the process. We are born small then we become a child we make friends we go to school had some mistakes. Argue with parents get upset at schools. We follows our religion had a listen to all the teaching of our faith.  We incorporated the values and good behavior. Love one another have peace of mind and heart. When we reached teenagers to adulthood we feel something different we become more adventurous. We have feel the important part of our lives we fall in love. It may give us the well to survive or even hurt us to the limit that we can't take it anymore.

Is there any purpose of our existence on this world. Or we just be a history of our next generation. The genetic lines