Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tablet and E-Reader

Tablet has been for a years. Since the late 90s, touchscreen tablet has been use in a lot of ways in some office, workplace transport, media, medical and science.
But recently in late 2009, 1st gen iPad has been released and has been so popular. Followed by other companies that also launched their own tablet which varies size from 7 to 10.1 inch.
1st Gen iPad
Nexus 7
4th Gen iPad
Ipad mini
Nook 7 HD
Alcatel One Touch 7

Mobile Phones and Smartphones

Mobile Technology has been for a while and every year it is improving and making it self smaller or sometimes makes it bigger to accommodate more improvements like Display and Battery. Although it's power house has become small like the CPU and GPU.
Many company has promote the Idea of Smartphone Since Apple iPhone in 2007 debut a lot of company has promoted the idea of Touchscreen Technology, Resistive and Capacitive become the front runner, but the capacitive came out successful.

Mobile OS is the key part of the Smartphone, Nokia's Symbian OS dominated the Mobile OS in the past decade Blackberry of course for the upper class people and business. Motorola, Sony, Samsung, HTC, Alcatel and other company also release their own version of Mobile OS.

2006-2007 Apple iOS Mobile OS send a shock wave of surprise to a mobile user all over the United States, Europe Japan and Australia and the rest of the world. new idea? well i guess so, innovation of course, User Friendly sure it is. Since the launch of the iPhone iOS is the most love mobile phone everyone has to have it. (of course if we can buy it) the price tag of the iPhone was a bit high for other people, Like my self " (of course)" but iPhone has continue to dominate the smartphone for another 5 years.

Other company of course it still doing OK for some like Samsung Nokia HTC and some other Mobile phone company, But for some it is not so well with their own Mobile OS against the might of Apple iOS.

Here comes Google with it's open source Android OS. it is different form the old Mobile OS of Samsung Sony and HTC. somewhat likeness of iOS no wonder late Steve Jobs was so upset about this new Android OS.

Launching Google's Android with the HTC Dream  G1, and Nexus One brand manufactured by HTC since its launch in September 2008. Google Android has starting to carved its way to smartphone's territory. Most of the smartphones company is using Google Android except for few like Nokia which now using Windows (Mobile) Phone OS, Blackberry.

At the present day Apple's iPhone and their iOS  Google's Android with the company that using the Android OS. Windows Phone OS which Nokia, Samsung, HTC. Blackberry has started a come back. with all the mobile phone company releasing a smartphone almost every 6 months updated version few months. innovation invention is constantly changing the smartphones environment.